Published: 06.08.09

Study projects – from the lecture theatre into practice

Studying at ETH Zurich means receiving one of the best educations in the world. Many successful entrepreneurs, scientists or engineers began their career with an ETH Zurich study programme. But studying at ETH Zurich doesn’t just mean swotting theory. Even at this early stage, students can already gain experience in research and practice and learn entrepreneurial thinking. This is tried out and implemented in fascinating study projects where students can let theoretical knowledge flow into practical projects or turn their own ideas into reality during their education. For instance, robots learn to sail, rolls of film are taught to fly or everyday life at ETH Zurich is investigated for environmental sins. This dossier summarises the wide variety of projects for students.

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As part of a global competition, students are building an object for their campus using local materials. A team from ETH Zurich that is also taking part is looking to tell a story about the conservation of value using university waste. That’s the idea; now all that remains is to build it. Samuel Schlaefli, 04.05.11
Last week, two teams of ETH Zurich took part in the "European Micro Aerial Vehicle Conference" air navigation competition. The two ETH Zurich aircraft fought a neck-and-neck race for the first place in the most prestigious discipline. Lukas Langhart, 22.09.09
Cinema with a difference: the movies are shown directly on a film reel, not on a screen. And that's not all: it can also play six films at the same time - and fly. This extraordinary airborne object was showcased by a team of ETH Zurich students in Los Angeles. Alexandra von Ascheraden / Peter Rueegg, 26.08.09
The student projects at ETH Zurich are becoming increasingly popular, and none more so than the focus projects. ETH Life spoke to their "inventors", professors Lino Guzzella and Roland Siegwart from the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering. Christine Heidemann, 05.08.09
At the World Robotic Sailing Championship on the Portuguese coast, the ETH team achieved third place with its boat “Avalon”. The Championship was also a test for the major Atlantic crossing planned for September. Christine Heidemann, 23.07.09
Mechanical engineering students from ETH Zurich have developed an unmanned sailing boat in a focus project that can reach any given destination completely autonomously. The Avalon robot sailing boat is due to set sail from Ireland in the fall and head for the Caribbean. Martina Maerki, 08.04.09
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