When Sonja Hassold is temporarily arrested, she fears the worst. Then she has to eat nothing but wild boar for days on end – all thanks to breakdowns in communication, as the globetrotter author discovers. Sonja Hassold, 22.06.12
Sonja Hassold has a strange television experience in a village without a TV and internet connection and scours large areas of the Masoala Peninsula for more rosewood specimens – unfortunately, often in vain. Sonja Hassold, 08.06.12
After a change of location, Sonja Hassold is in for the first «real» week in the jungle in search of palisander and rosewood in the Madagascan jungle. But it’s not just the dense undergrowth that makes life tough for the ETH doctoral student. Sonja Hassold, 27.04.12
Sonja Hassold has been collecting samples of precious wood in Masoala National Park in north-eastern Madagascar for her doctoral thesis. The globetrotter reports on her experiences "out in the field" in ETH Life. Sonja Hassold, 13.04.12
Marlen Müller made the very most of a brief break from her internship to travel into the Argentine Alps. The only things missing compared to their European counterparts were the well-signposted trails and accurate bus timetables. Marlen Müller, 23.12.11
It was with mixed feelings that Christian Monstein travelled to the troubled country of Kenya in order to get another “Callisto” radio measuring instrument up and running to measure solar radiation. His fears would prove well founded. Christian Monstein, 09.12.11
During her internship in Argentina, ETH-Zurich student Marlen Müller encounters the national drink: mate tea. Its preparation is a science in itself and encourages social exchange. Marlen Müller, 02.12.11
Heather Kirk has left her Canadian homeland for a research stay at ETH Zurich. As a globetrotter, she describes her life in Zurich and what particularly impressed her about Switzerland and the Swiss. Heather Kirk, 25.11.11
Christian Monstein has been on a fresh “Calisto” mission. The electrical engineer from the Institute of Astronomy has got another radio measurement device up and running in Egypt for the purpose of measuring solar activity. Christian Monstein, 18.11.11
ETH-Zurich student Leonardo Schneider is currently doing an industrial internship in China. The budding mechanical engineer reports on the trials and tribulations of everyday Chinese life and (to him) incomprehensible bus timetables. Leonardo Schneider, 14.10.11