Global grid: Excellent project

First, I agree with the comment of Martin Holzherr. We need a global solution. Second, in my opinion, at the current state of affairs the only solution to the green energy problem even to be discussed should be at the global level. What use would it be just for one small country to implement it, if the neighbors do not participate in the project? (And therefore, are either using not sustainable energy sources or no power sources at all, like in the case of some African countries). I believe, the "phobia" of a huge project and big amounts of money involved is not relevant. The green energy problem is such that it neither affects only selected countries, nor can be solved by selected countries. It is a global issue, and therefore, has to be solved at the global level. I wish the ETH research team much success with its project!

Raisa Galimova - 26.03.13

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