Globetrotter Leonardo Schneider: Comment from a Chinese young man

This is my first time visiting ETH website and it's a surprise for me to find this artical about China on the homepage. I have never been in Changshu but I know most of the phenomenons he refered are true. I have a friend from Britain. She met the same troubles just as the author did. So I can fully understand him. But I wanna argue that some problems, like the terrible traffic order, are not common in larger cities. China is still not open enough in many aspects, but it is changing better. I have some advices for the author. Most of young people in China have learnt English more or less, so if you need help you can go to them, but you'd better speak as sollowly as you can. As to the facebook, it is forbidden in China, but we have our own way to logon. If you need help, you can contact me. I am a college student just as you and we share the same major.

Xiaochen Zheng - 14.10.11

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