Mittwochskolumne: Gefährlicher Zeitmangel

I just read (quickly, because I do not have much time!!!) the interesting opinions by Prof. Fröhlich (I always read his columns, of course). I fully agree with his state of mind. I think that the present way of life is - in our institution (ETH) and outside - depriving all of us of our basic humanity. But Prof. Fröhlich forgot the most important point (probably because he is no longer directly confronted with it). Our society and its present development, as described by Prof. Fröhlich, is depriving our children of their right to have a childhood (and to become responsible adults). Any financial crisis, even one order of magnitudes larger than the present one, is nothing compared to the damage we are doing to our children (and, ultimately, to the future society). Cordially yours D.Pescia

Danilo Pescia - 13.05.09

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