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At its meeting of 26/27 September 2012, the ETH Board appointed 14 professors at ETH Zurich in accordance with the applications submitted by Professor Ralph Eichler, President of ETH Zurich. ETH Board/mf, 28.09.12
Plant scientists at ETH Zurich have developed a new African cassava preferred by consumers and farmers that is resistant to the two major virus diseases in Africa. Now they want to test the resistant cassava in Africa. Peter Rüegg, 26.09.12
ETH Zurich’s Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA) will be able to move into new premises on the Hönggerberg campus by 2015. The new building combines cutting-edge expertise in the new fields of digital fabrication, lightweight construction, and sustainable building. Roman Klingler, 25.09.12
The internet currency Bitcoin was created in 2009. It should offer the same advantages as cash. The new electronic currency has an increasing number of support¬ers. But ETH-researchers found out, that there is a securitiy problem. They also have a suggestion, how this problem could be solved. Felix Würsten, 24.09.12
ETH Zurich is receiving a 10 million Swiss franc donation from Philips for the further advancement of health research. Research in the fields of imaging techniques and image based simulation should particularly benefit from this donation. red, 21.09.12
Using state-of-the-art visualization techniques, chemical engineers at ETH Zurich explore the complex inner life of porous catalysts. Their work will aid in the development of rational catalyst design. Fabio Bergamin, 20.09.12
Ursula Renold, former director of the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology, will join the KOF Swiss Economic Institute at the ETH Zurich. Mrs. Renold will be responsible for developing the field of “education system”. (red), 18.09.12
Researchers from ETH Zurich have quite literally created a “cell phone”: they have reprogrammed mammalian cells in such a way that they can “phone” each other via chemical signals. Peter Rüegg, 17.09.12
Researchers from the Biomedicine division will begin their move to the HPL Building in September. This also marks the start of operations for the newly established Institute of “Molecular Health Sciences” with its ambitious research and education objectives. Peter Rüegg, 14.09.12
ETH Zurich is the new number 13 on the list of the world’s best universities. This is the result of the latest QS World University Ranking. ETH Zurich has thus defended its title as the best university in Continental Europe. Fabio Bergamin, 11.09.12
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