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Scientists realize one of the most elementary and oldest “gedanken” experiments in modern physics, namely, excitation of a single molecule with a single photon. This paves the way for further investigations in which single photons act as carriers of quantum information to be processed by single emitters. Vahid Sandoghdar, 27.02.12
ETH-Zurich Assistant Professor Lian Pin Koh has built an autonomous drone that can be used for nature conservation purposes, such as surveying large mammals and monitoring the rainforest. He is excited about the initial results of the reconnaissance flights. Peter Rüegg, 27.02.12
ETH Zurich scientists have for the first time realistically simulated how an oceanic plate sinks of its own accord under an adjacent plate. This enabled them to give a conclusive explanation of the process and how it affects the dynamics of the Earth’s interior. Simone Ulmer, 23.02.12
With the official ETH-Zurich App, students and staff alike can click through the latest ETH Life articles and the menus and locations of various restaurants while they are on the move. The new version also contains a search function to help find people. Thomas Langholz, 21.02.12
Several publishers of scientific journals are upset about an important service provided by the ETH-Bibliothek: the electronic document delivery service. The Director of the ETH-Bibliothek, Wolfram Neubauer, gives his view on the legal dispute. Wolfram Neubauer, 17.02.12
Tectonic processes and the climate form the topography of our earth. A new study raises now the question whether tectonic processes were so far overestimated. Simone Ulmer, 14.02.12
Scientists under the direction of ETH Zurich have created a minor sensation in synthetic chemistry. They succeeded in producing two-dimensional polymers for the first time. Simone Ulmer, 13.02.12
ETH Zurich researchers have found a new role for a well-known signalling molecule, Hif1: the molecule suppresses the burning of fat, which may possibly promote obesity in humans. Peter Rüegg, 10.02.12
Theuns Eloff, vice-chancellor of the North-West-University in South Africa, visited the ETH Zurich. In the interview he explained how a university with three campuses and three languages works and why South Africa could be a gateway between the developing and the developed world. Thomas Langhoff, 02.02.12
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