Biodiversity: United World

The Universal Solution of Climate Change – The United World.

The United World. The Uni-Ruled World.

Solution all in one. Solution all in built.

Knowledgeable New Born.

Flying lovers Copenhagen. Roaming climate romance.

Curiously lost the track. Open battle game war.

Traps/tricks counter act. Wisdom voice back track.

How to open the heart? Where, the natural love.

What someone would say? Lost that your mind.

Found free and fresh. Memory access upgrade.

No hang up No disk crash. Sectors along all intact.

No pressure no sugar. Smartly moving graphs.

Revision Report short vision.

Simplicity too evident. Complexity un-designed.

Sure insure yes we can. Change the world even.

Climate lovers Copenhagen. Climate lovers earth around.

Found Aladdin magic lamp. Un-served anything no camp.

Knowledgeable New Born.

Solution all in built. Solution all in one.

The Uni-Ruled World. The United World.

Best of luck, Hari Kotadia

Hari Kotadia - 07.01.10

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